"At Comedy View we use Laughter and Comedy
as a tool to serve people and add value to business".

Comedy View is a Premium Comedy Entertainment, and Corporate Solutions Company.

About us

Comedy View is a premium entertainment brand and corporate solutions company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialize in using laughter as a tool to serve people and add value to business.

With our expert knowledge in comedy and access to a vast pool of talented comedians, we offer unique products and services that cater to both the consumer and corporate market.

Our brand values professionalism while still being fun and accessible. We take pride in being credible, reliable, and highly efficient in our operations and how we serve clients. We work with diverse comedians, including male and female comedians, South African and African comedians, and cater to different types of comedy, including club comedy, corporate comedy, and gospel comedy, among others.

Comedy View is not only an entertainment brand. We offer boutique corporate solutions, which include innovative products and services, geared towards creating a positive and productive working environment as well as products that assist in achieving unique client organizational goals.

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These are unique stand-up comedy shows, social events and platforms hosted and organized by Comedy View. They are open for the public to attend, with details and information made available on general media and our social media platforms.

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Partnering with South Africa, we customize and curate unique comedy solutions based on the requirements of the client. Clients include venue owners, events managers, corporate clients etc. We also handle social events like weddings, birthdays, parties etc.

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Our products and services bouquet are still under development. Should you need to enquire on any comedy related matter, such as Master of Ceremonies bookings, please do contact us info@comedyview.co.za

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Poppy's Restaurant

The Funny Food Show

The Rand Club

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Poppy's Restaurant Monthly

Weekly Comedy Shows


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